This office lunch for Friday May 11th completely consists of leftovers from previous days’ dinners. Fitting the theme, I had meant to submit it to the bento of the week challenge on the Bento Blog Network… Alas, I was too slow in posting. Never mind, the most important thing is getting to eat a meal like this! :)

Mushroom Bento (11-05-2012)

(Apologies for the overexposed pic!)

Left tier
Spicy spinach with sesame, tempeh bacon baran, nasi goreng (fried rice), beet cress, oven-marinated cremini mushrooms, mix of red leaf lettuce, rucola & turnip tops hiding underneath mushroom mix (purple oyster, fennel & Japanese nemeko), purple asparagus and two radish flowers.

Right tier
White asparagus cosying up to mushroom gravy, cucumber, nut mix (raisins & peanuts), bruschetta, soy tofu and cherry-rhubarb crumble — a combination of Jamie Oliver’s and this recipe (or in Dutch).

I’d like a lunch like this every day!