I had meant to do a Sunday Salon about challenges today, but as I’m on a roll with my bento backlog I’d better get on with that. Bihun Bento it is!

Bihun Bento (04-04-2012)

Wednesday April 4th 2012.

Office lunch which I got to eat at home as I was ill — a good thing I had lunch ready!

Leftover Pad Thai (baked up with sambal and spices), steamed broccoli, gherkin and salad vegetables in the middle tier: rocket, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and parsley.

Gingerbread with soy butter and agave syrup in the other, a mix of dry roasted almonds, salted sunflower seeds and dried cranberries, soy flavoured ramen wheat noodle snack (leftover from our Hanami picnic) and peanut sauce as a condiment to the broccoli. Those shiny balls on the right are sweet coconut cookies that I baked for my Saturday movie night with the grrls on which we watched Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter — a great film! The cookie recipe is from Lisette in Luilekkerland and I like it!

Then there’s apple in lemon juice on the side and cassava crackers in the colourful snack bag.

People often wonder if making bentos isn’t a lot of work. I’ll admit I takes a little more time than necessary, but that’s just because I’m slow. ;) By using leftovers and things at hand it can be put together quite quickly: you really don’t need to cook especially for a bento. Look at this one for example.


  • Pad Thai
  • peanut sauce
  • coconut cookie balls
  • ramen noodle snack
  • cassava crackers


  • dried fruit & nut mix

Extra work:

  • nuking the broccoli in the microwave, taking just a few seconds — and not necessary if it had been a leftover from another day,
  • frying up the bihun noodles — not really required but I chose to give my previous dinner a twist,
  • buttering & sweetening my slice of gingerbread — not necessary as it’s really good without but I like it even better this way,
  • chopping up some crudités,
  • cutting an apple and sprinkling it with lemon juice — obviously unnecessary if you bring a whole apple but I can’t eat it that way because of the glued on metal splint behind my teeth (a leftover from braces).

So, is that easier than you expected?

If I can keep up the good work, tomorrow will bring the last of my outstanding bento posts!

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