At this moment I have a backlog of 4 bentos to post. It may not be wise to tick them off in chronological order but I’m going to anyway! Pigheaded Gnoe. ;)

Starting of with March 23rd’s First Spring Friday Bento!

First Spring Friday Bento (23-03-2012)

Below you see the salad tier: next to a bird’s nest of small Batavian lettuce leaves, gherkin, alfalfa sprouts, caper berry ‘eggs’ and dried cranberries for colour, there’s some more of the South-West American quinoa salad with avocado, bell pepper & sweet potato on a bed of aragula and topped with fresh cilantro. You may remember that from my Spring eQuinox Bento?

Middle tier: half a kiwi fruit, leftovers from a lentil dish with Mediterranean veggies, braised rutabaga (koolraap), smoked tofu, and simmered kabocha pumpkin from my freezer stash.

On Fridays one can be somewhat indulgent so the top tier is my ‘snack box‘, containing a cute flower cup with dry roasted almonds, salted sunflower seeds and a small piece of vegan ‘milk’ chocolate with hazelnut. Next to that two tiny plum tomato skewers with a basil leaf and pickled onion. A sauce fishy is filled with tomato-tahini dressing for my “bird’s nest salad” and lying in a cup of pepitas meant to top the quinoa. I plan on posting the dressing recipe sometime in a sequel of the Taste of Tahini Hop!

Finally there’s gingerbread with soy butter and agave syrup on the side, plus a (vitamin) C-BOMB: freshly squeezed orange, blood orange, pink grapefruit and lemon.

Even though I had this lunch almost a month ago, the recollection makes my mouth water!

Now are you curious to see my O-Hanami Bento?

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