Leftover Love Bento #175

My mind is set on spring so for Wednesday’s bento I pulled out the sweet sakura furoshiki that Nat from In Spring it is the Dawn got me. But my lunch consisted solely of winter veggies. Alas? Nooo, it was still good! :)

There are oven roasted root vegetables (beetroot, potato, carrot, celeriac, onion and yellow turnip), with agave and fresh thyme, accompanied by one of my all-time favourite dishes: nasi goreng — fried rice Indonesian style.

The upper container holds a gherkin on a bed of red Battavia lettuce, a sauce of oven roasted garlic as a condiment to the sweet roots, and the bean burgers Uniflame posted from Linda Doeser’s Vegetarian: 100 best recipes. Unfortunately these were rather a disappointment. I found them ‘mealy’ and the only flavour coming through was cumin. Although that is one of my favourite spices, I expect a burger to have a more complex taste. And of course they fell apart. O_o
My usual handicap — even though I chopped the mushrooms very fine, as Uniflame suggested. I probably should have added breadcrumbs, and maybe let them rest a while longer?

To be honest, I think last week’s beet burgers from PPK spoiled me, setting the bar high for every next patty I try!

PPK's Quarter Pounder BEET Burger

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