Messy Meatless Monday Bento #174

This Messy Meatless Monday Bento is absolutely loaded with proteins. So if you’re one of those people wondering how to get enough of these in a meatless -even plantbased- diet: pay attention!

There’s falafel (with spicy tomato dip and a soy-based garlic sauce), PPK’s tofu scramble with additional mushrooms & onion, lentils in my carrot-rocket-endive-bellpepper-gherkin salad with tomato croutons and seed mix topping (pine nuts, sunflower seeds & pepitas).

Other yummyness in the box: cucumber, leek sprouts, red Batavian lettuce, baked black salsify and a black sesame cracker.

On the side there’s a ginger-almond bread sandwich with soy butter and a fruit salad (blueberries, apple and kiwi fruit in a lemon juice & cinnamon dressing).

Okay, so maybe I overdid it a little: more veggies and a little less proteins would have gotten me a more evenly balanced meal. But I had a LONG day to go after lunchtime so I don’t think I really minded! :)

Oh, and did I mention the vegan cranberry muffins I treated my co-workers to today? Someone even asked for the recipe, which can be found in a previous post! :)

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