Thanks to the use of pomegranate, this Meatless Monday bento has a taste of the Middle East. I had a big day ahead of me so I took plenty of food!

Pomegranate Bento #169

Upper tier: Ottolenghi’s kisir with pomegranate seeds and (homemade!) pomegranate melasse, cucumber and simmered kabocha pumpkin (freezer stash).

Lower tier: kiwi fruit, cukes, Greek-style salad with haricot verts, faux feta and pomegranate seeds.

On the side: breakfast muffin (freezer stash; recipe from Puur Plantaardig cookbook), and a caramel soy dessert that didn’t get eaten.

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Updating this post to submit it to the May 2012 bento of the Week challenge: isn’t this a great tease for a bento with NO CHEESE?!

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