Here are my two latest bentos, both office lunches: Meatless Monday’s Sweety Bento (no.167) and last week’s Kigoi Bento (no.166).

Sweety Bento (#167)

Now that’s unusual: half of this bento is dedicated to dessert! A whole tier full of sweet things… Nomnomnom. ;)

Sweety Bento (#167)

Main tier: pita bread on broad-leaved endive (escarole), spicy falafel, baked onion swirls and gherkin slices. Sweet tomato-chili sauce on the side (a mix of ketchup and vegan sweet chili).

Dessert tier: stewed pear with berry sauce, beach ball apple, chigai giri banana, kruidnootje (tiny speculoos-like cookie) and semolina with apricot-almond sauce in the cute bear cup. The pudding was made with a drinking variety of coconut milk that I needed to use up. Oh, and don’t forget the clementine mandarin on the side.

Before you ask if I didn’t go hungry with just this bento for lunch… I also had two small sammies. :) That’s why I indulged in bringing such a ‘flimsy’ bento!

Kigoi Bento (#166)

Kigoi are monochrome yellow carp and I’ve got two of them swimming in my bento! If I eat them… does that make me less of a v-gan? ;P

Kigoi Bento #166

Don’t you just love the brightness of this bento?

Main tier: pumpkin risotto fishies (almond fin), toasted almond flakes, garden cress, grilled eggplant and sweet African peppers (both from a jar), lettuce and radish flowers.

Middle tier: kiwi fruit & two clementines.

Upper tier: lettuce, other half of kiwi fruit, spring onion pom-pom and tomato salad with garlic & balsamic vinegar vinaigrette that was left over from the oven-roasted tomatoes and red onions of the previous night’s dinner.


On the side a ‘vintage’ flamingo tin with retro kruidnootjes and mini Zaanse kermis cookies.

I don’t think I will use an onigiri mold for risotto again though because the rice gets less moist.

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