Ha! Hope I didn’t scare you with the “blood” part of this bento’s title?
Don’t worry, I’m still eating animal-free :)

Warm-Blooded Meatless Monday Bento #162

Lunch on this Meatless Monday consisted mostly, though not completely, of last night’s leftovers (menu plan).

There’s garlic-sunchoke soup topped with stir-fried leek and parsley in the blue tumbler (posted on twitter at lunchtime), pumpkin & beetroot hummus with rosemary crackers and wholewheat pita bread, gherkin divider and half a veggie dog in the tier up front and roasted beetroot salad with walnuts & shallots, sweet ’n spicy roasted kabocha squash (recipe from JustBento), 1 greek olive, slightly sun-dried tomatoes and a stewed pear in the box on the right. A small apple on the side makes this meal complete.

If you look closely you can spot yet another three of the cups MaaikeB brought me from Japan!

Now why is this bento called ‘warm-blooded’?
When I tried a few sessions of shiatsu last year, I was advised to eat ‘warm’ veggies, sweet and earthy, that are energising and supposed to be good for my blood. Pumpkin was mentioned, sweet potato, red beet, ginger etc. Personally I believe Jerusalem artichoke fits the picture as well. ;) Regardless of whether there’s any truth to this, my lunch of pumpkin and red beets was really comforting on this cold & grey autumn day!

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