I have quite a backlog in posting bentos: I’m currently at number 157 and haven’t even posted no.154 yet. So you know what to expect in the next couple of days! ;)

Purple Kimono Bento (29-08-2011)

Bento lunches are perfect for vegans. For one thing: you don’t have to worry that there’s nothing to eat. Even though a plantbased diet really isn’t that hard, our society is so used to dairy that it can be a hassle to eat outdoors at times. But bringing a bento can also assure having a balanced meal: it has just that little extra compared to your common sandwich. Not that my lunches are always perfect ;) But at least it helps me to eat enough veggies etc in the course of a day.

August 29th’ Purple Kimono Bento (named after the box it was packed in — one of my favourites) contained a dinner leftover from the previous night: vegetables roasted with balsamic vinegar on a bed of lettuce. There’s cauliflower, eggplant, red onion, yellow bell pepper, black olives, caper berries and parsley.

If I look closely (6 weeks back is too much for my memory..) the rest of the bento contains steamed or grilled courgette and salad greens: red & orange cherry tomatoes, radish, parsley and chigai-giri style cucumber. I can see no proteins. No carbohydrates. So I’m betting I also took two sammies. ;)

Have you tried a bento yet?