This (Meatless) Monday is the last day of Obon. A few days ago my brother and I went to visit my father’s grave because of the 20th anniversary of his dying day. I didn’t get to bring a bento but I’m making up for it today!

Obon Obento #150

Upper tier
Delicious corn on the cob with chili-lime butter, tomatoes & basil, lettuce baran, blue potato salad (same as in Spanga Bento) and a turnip flower with caper berry heart.

Lower tier
Rice mix with different seeds, parsley, veggie stir-fry with lemon-marinated tofu, radish and red bell pepper flowers, salad dressing.

My friend Maaike is in Japan with her family right now. I’m really curious if they took part in any Bon festivities! They must be able to see Toro Nagashi (floating lanterns) tonight? #envy ;)

Meatless Monday