Noooo, I’m not going to a bingo night ;) It’s just that I’m rather preoccupied with our sweet tomcat Ringo – and one of his many nicknames is Bingo! :)

Coffee-time tier: mini croissants (inspired by Bentobird) with strawberry jelly. There’s also a small cup of ‘faux sour cream’ in this box for the Mexican beans in another tier.

Fruit tier: pink grapefruit, opal prunes and white berries.

Background tier: rice, chili pepper ‘flower’, frijoles with corn and slices of gerkin, lettuce.

Right hand tier: dal (Indian red lentils with caramelized onions), mushroom masala, cucumber underneath cup of salsa picante and roasted eggplan caviar to eat with the crackers on the side.

Office Lunch for Tuesday August 2nd, 2011.

Ringo, the loveliest guy

In loving memory: Ringo (02-08-2011)

Edited to add on Tuesday…

Of course I was not preoccupied with Ringo without reason. Today our adorable shy-guy died; he joined Yoshitoshi to roam the Eternal Graasland. Ringo only got to stay with us for four years but it seems like a lifetime and we enjoyed every minute of it. We were really lucky to find him — ask Juno if you don’t believe us! ;)

To the contrary of what you may think, we did not name Ringo (directly) after that Beatle person with the same name. It’s just a family rule that cats should have a two-syllable name ending at -o and both Mr Gnoe and I love the happy song “Ringo, I love you” by Stereo Total. Bye bye, cute little guy!