Bento no.147 had already been baptized Bow Tie Bento but when I saw all the frills I had put in I decided to add the term ‘baroque’ as well. Roccoco might have been better but I like alliteration. Have you noticed? ;)

And then there was that whole tier full of brownies that couldn’t be ignored… So today’s bento is a real tongue-twister! ;)

Baroque Bow Tie & Brownie Bento (26-07-2011)


  • fruit — classic combination of melon and red berries (with a few cherries added)
  • pasta salad with green beans, tree onions and caper berries (in fruschetta dressing) on a bed of curly red leaf lettuce
  • green olive
  • curled carrot (hehehe I bet you want to know how to do that! ;)
  • half a veggie sausage hiding underneath spring onion tassel
  • radish flowers
  • spicy roasted chickpeas (bento #145 contains link to recipe), sunflower seeds and pepitas
  • cucumber flower cup with hummus to dip
  • switchback cut gherkins
  • beach ball radish
  • golden raisins
  • mini carrots
  • not shown: tumbler of fresh orange juice

And here’s the box full of vegan brownies!

Now you didn’t think I was going to eat them all by myself, did you? I baked a whole batch for a friend’s birthday on Sunday and these leftovers are to be shared with my co-workers at coffee time. Did I mention my colleagues are always happy to see me? ;P

Dessert/snack tier of Baroque Bow Tie & Brownie Bento (26-07-2011)

You can find a link to the recipe for these popular vegan brownies in my Belated B-day Bento post.

Find more bentos at Shannon’s What’s for Lunch Wednesday  (week 60).

CSA (local & organic): green beans, St. Jansui, lettuce
Local & organic: carrot, cucumber, spring onion, red berries
Organic: vegan sausage, pasta, chickpeas

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