Yoshitoshi in action
On Thursday July 21st our dwarf hamster Yoshitoshi went to roam the ‘Eternal Graasland’.

Tale of Genji to Denver, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi She was named after the Japanese artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, who is considered to be the last great master of Ukiyo-e (woodblock printing).

Yoshi herself appeared to be a great Master of Disguise when in the last days of her life it turned out that she was no tinygrrl at all.. but a toshboy! Full of tricks our little hamster ;)

It was an appropriate coincidence that we had a simple Japanese meal planned for dinner that night — leaving enough leftovers for Friday’s bento.

My office lunch contained brown rice udon noodles, green beans with sesame dressing, orange-teriyaki tofu & extra sauce, pickled ginger (gari), cabbage tsukemono sprinkled with fresh chilli pepper from our balcony, grilled veggies with tonkatsu sauce (same as bento #145), nori rice crackers, umeboshi, opal prunes and melon. Details of wasabi & black ‘smoked’ sesame seeds, radish flowers, parsley, curly red-leaf lettuce.

We Love You Yoshitoshi! Bento (22-07-2011)

We have a 21.5-inch iMac and I can tell you: it’s fabulous to have Yoshi’s picture as a background image! He will not be forgotten ;)