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Today concludes the first week of Gnoe’s Vegan Adventures. What seemed like a real Project in advance is turning out to be pretty easy. Partly thanks to the preparations I’ve made like stocking up on vegan foods & ingredients, trying out a few recipes and products in advance and last but not least subscribing to the Eat Good, Feel Good cooking class; but also because it’s feeling so right to eat this way and the food is generally just plain good.

I am aware that on some days I might not balance my meals enough. I hoping that will even out in relation to the surrounding days. It is something I will concentrate on when I’ve acquired a good variety of vegan dishes and habits.

Menu Day 7 (Wednesday February 2nd)


  • ‘pre-breakfast’: slice of ontbijtkoek (a kind of spicy bread cake), spread with soy margarine
  • 2 slices of white toast with Marmite & soy margarine



  • falafel on pita bread
  • salad of aragula, red cabbage, bean & alfafa sprouts, tomato, cucumber, gherkin, green chilies and parsley
  • radishes
  • sauces: garlic, spicy and mango chutney

Snacks (aside from bento)

  • cup of vegetable broth


Anything special about today? / Any difficulties?

Today unfortunately wasn’t really my lucky day. I was sick again (yes, I’m ill a lot which is one of the reasons changing my diet seems like a good idea) and didn’t get to go to work. Still, I was happy to have my bento so there was no need to go out of bed to make lunch. And I’m feeling better again now.

Fishy Vegan Bento #130

Fishy Vegan Bento #130, 02-02-2011

[Sorry about the poor quality of this picture — I’m glad the days are slowly lengthening again: daylight photos are best.]

There’s really nothing suspect about this animal-free bento; just a little Basmati rice fishy swimming in some lentil curry. ;) We had some Indian leftovers from our Sunday dinner, which seemed perfect for a bento.

Upper tier

  • Pakistani dahl (red lentils)
  • Calcutta eggplant
  • pineapple
  • Orissan Jagdish Saag Aloo (potato & spinach)
  • a few slices of vegan farmer’s sausage (hiding)

Middle tier

  • Mr Gnoe’s green lentil curry
  • cucumber & radish
  • Basmati rice

Lower tier

  • mango chutney
  • salted pecans and ‘French fries’ potato chips
  • another one of my home-baked vegan paradise cookies

On the side

  • blood orange juice with lemon
  • a 1/8th slice of Monday’s grilled-veggies pizza (not shown)

WHOOAH! A whole box dedicated to snacks?! Yeah well, sort of ;) A treat for coffee time, to compensate for missing out on my coffee. I find that drinking coffee gives a full stomach, tiding me over till lunchtime. Tea doesn’t have the same effect. Now I won’t really miss anything because the coffee machine at the office isn’t any good. :( I only started drinking its rubbish a few years ago after having been a full-time tea-employee for ages… Just don’t ask me. ;)

I also needed something hearty for around 4 o’clock. For a Wednesday afternoon I figured a a snack like pizza & potato chips would be allowed. :) It’s not as if we’re talking huge amounts here, right?

The mango chutney is just a condiment to sooth any over-spiciness of the Indian dishes.

Bento #130 was very satisfying!