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It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll just post a quick note about today’s menu & experiences.

Day 3 Menu

Breakfast: fruit smoothie (banana, white grape juice, frozen forest fruit & soy yoghurt)
Lunch: Mr Gnoe & I shared the leftovers of Thursday’s Eat Good, Feel Good cooking class (YES! I really will still post about that ;) and had some more of that winter fruit salad as dessert
Dinner: rice with veggie stir-fry (soy beans, leek, cauliflower, carrot, Brussels sprouts, chestnut mushrooms, radishes, onion, garlic, ginger, mirin and the last bit of the spicy lemon-soy sauce), kale with leek & sesame, apple-bean sprout-alfafa salad, pecan & cashew nuts
Snacks: banana, vegan paradise cookie

ExtraVeganza! Lunch, Day 3

Any difficulties?

Yes. Tonight’s dinner did not follow any recipe and was supposed to include quorn, of which we were certain it was an all fungi meat-substitute… Until I checked the label and discovered it contains about 10% egg. :( We felt we missed something substantial in our dinner, so we added some pecans and cashews as a side dish, which was a good idea.

Tomorrow presents somewhat of a challenge since we will be having guests over to watch the final four episodes of 24 – Day 8. I will need to prepare dinner and snacks, do some housecleaning, blog and prepare a vegan bento for Monday. I hope I can manage all that!