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Today is the first day of my ExtraVeganza pilot. Please check out my introduction post if you’re hearing about this for the first time!

Although I actually started this morning, tonight is the official kick-off of “Gnoe’s Vegan Adventures” with Happy Herbi’s Eat Good, Feel Good workshop. Under Daphne’s guidance we’ll be cooking and eating a 100% plant-based dinner. Like you, I have no idea yet what it’s going to be! Be patient and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

I didn’t get all the ‘necessary’ preparations done for this project. I desperately need to organize my ExtraVeganza tab in Netvibes to make searching for vegan recipes as easy as possible. There’s still menu planning going on and I’m in the process of making ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ lists with options to pick from. But here’s today’s menu so far.


Breakfast: porridge with ‘Oat Dream’ milk
Lunch: Experimental Bento #129
Dinner: Happy Herbi’s surprise dinner

As might be expected the oat milk went pretty well with the oats in the gruel. I did use some artificial sweetener, which of course obscures the pure taste a little.

Any difficulties?
Not yet. :)

Experimental Bento (#129)

Experimental Bento #129

This ExtraVeganza! Kick-off Bento is pretty experimental — not because it’s vegan (I’ve had more of those, i.e. #128, #125, #121, #111, #78), but with all other sort of new things I’m trying.

I’ve never had frozen fruit before (‘mixed forest fruit’), finally cooked up those soy beans I bought in a whim AGES ago and put them in a veggie stir-fry (with leek, cauliflower, carrot, shallot, mushrooms, courgette, garlic and fresh ginger), and tried two new Japanese recipes from The Vegetarian Table cookbook I spoke about earlier this week: rice patties (made of leftovers) and a spicy soy-lemon sauce. The sauce was a bit too strong for the patties, overwhelming their subtle taste. I’m in a hurry now (I have to leave for the Eat Good, Feel Good workshop) so I’ll need get back to you about the recipe!

Other goodies in my vegan bento: gherkin, pickled ginger, mustard cress and pecans.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow!