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Saturday Update no.1

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Yay, it’s the 2nd day of our New Year’s Bloggiesta! This morning I started at 10:30 — much later than yesterday, but at least now I had had a good night’s rest. Unfortunately WordPress seems to have trouble dealing with all those enthusiastic Bloggiesta participants and I can hardly access my dashboard. So I have no idea when I’ll actually be able to post this update ;) I guess the WP team desperately needs to bloggiesta with us! Or is that just what they’re doing??? LOL

Tonight I’m going to have sushi at a friend’s place and watch Chef of South Polar, a movie about a chef delivering mouth-watering extravagant dishes to the crew of Dome Fuji Station, a Japanese research base on the South Pole. Sounds like fun! Of course it means I will have to leave the Bloggiesta party at 5 o’clock, but hey — I had decided not to blog anymore in the evenings, remember?

Today I’m doing it the other way around from yesterday, starting with 60 minutes of quick & easy jobs, followed by picking up Something Big. Well, as far as WP will let me that is…

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