On this Blue Monday I had a VERY yummy bento to ward off the evil eye!

Blue Monday Bento (#127), 17-01-2011

Beet pancakes and bean salad (left over from last night’s dinner) both from the Dutch vegetarian website De Vegetariër, on a bed of lettuce and topped with soft goat’s cheese & parsley. It was my first time testing recipes from this site and I will definitely try some more! :)

Fruits: mandarin, banana, dried cranberries.
Raw veggies: celery stalk, cucumber, carrot.
Other: marinated black olive, sesame bread sticks, peppermint and hazelnut bonbon (not shown).

Home-grown: basil
Local & organic: choggia beets, kohlrabi
Organic: flour, egg, parsley, butter beans, lettuce, banana, clementine, celery stalk, carrot, olive