When I saw Pikko’s Tomato Basil Penne Bento on Adventures in Bentomaking, the leftover pasta in my fridge sprang to mind and I immediately ran to the kitchen to make lunch.

Halfway there I stopped dead in my tracks. Wouldn’t it be better to restrain myself and make a work bento out of it? It took some self-discipline but hey, I’m tough. :)

Pikko Inspired Penne Bento #126, 12-01-2011

Of course it turned out completely different since I was out of fresh tomatoes, but had an opened package of passato di pommodoro in the fridge as well, which I diluted with a little tomato juice and a splash of red wine. I fried some lovely CSA shallots and garlic, added shredded aragula, seasoned with red pepper flakes, salt & pepper and fresh organic thyme. Stirred in the pasta and when everything was nice and hot I mixed in some Parmesan cheese. In the box I topped it off with a home-grown basil flower and some more grated cheese.

I also grilled some very thin courgette ribbons, which turned out really neat looking like zucchini snake skins but I somehow couldn’t make that come out in my bento. So I rolled them up.

The rest of this lunch contains falafel, garlic dip in cucumber ‘containers’, sliced tomato, rosemary-garlic cashews and a mini chocolate stroopwafel cookie (not shown). Yum.

Thanks Pikko, for inspiring me! :)