Due to personal stuff (which I’m not going to bore you with) I didn’t read, blog or bento as much in 2010 as I would have liked to. Still, I’m happy with the things I did do! And hey, that just leaves room for improvement in 2011, right? ;)

I’m working on several blogposts about the books I read last year, movies I’ve seen, challenges I participated in and things planned for 2011. Thank God for Bloggiesta, a 3 day blog fixing event that’ll be held from January 21st – 23rd! :)

In anticipation of my challenge wrap-up post I can reveal that I did pretty good book-wise. I managed to read all the books I wanted to — and more. The reviewing part didn’t go as well though. :( I hope to make up for that in the next couple of months but I remember having said that last year, so don’t hold your breath… I do take requests by the way. ;)

Out with a bang<br /> readathon logoI was meant to go out with a BANG! readathonning the last few days, but I couldn’t fit it in my already busy schedule. So it was more of a deflating balloon LOL. BUT. I did read during the final hour of 2010 and that felt great! Might do it again this year. ;)

I ended up reading a meagre 52 pages (2 hours) in Caos calmo for my 3 day readathon.

Gnoe grazing in cyberspace

In 2010 I could be found on several other places in the bloggosphere.

Just to show you I haven’t been doing nothing ;)