Bookmark Japanese servantYawn. It’s 4am and I just finished reading my entries for The Pillow Book Friday. I’m all caught up — I’m feeling *so* accomplished! :) The end of the read-along is near (not to be confused with the readathon), and it will be great to finish together with the rest of the readers. The book is also part of my personal challenge for 2007… which turned into a 2007-2010 challenge ;) The bookmark I’m using is that of a Japanese servant; a reproduction of an old print from around 1795. Not as old as the book though, which was written circa 990.

Appropriate quote from the book:

Getting hold of a lot of stories none of which one has read before.
Or finding Vol.2 of a story one is in a great state of excitement about, but was previously only able to secure the first volume.

I’m really tired now and of my fellow Dutch readathonners only Iris from Irisonbooks is still awake — right, Iris??? *twitterspace keeping really quiet* Sigh. I guess I might go take a nap then too. But I won’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get up again after a few hours! Also, I hate to bother Mr Gnoe by setting an alarm clock… Hm. How am I going to tackle this? The most obvious answer is of course NOT to go to sleep. LOL

But first things first: let’s check what upcoming mini-challenges I need to be around for!

Status report

24 Hour Read-a-thonTime period: 1.20 – 4.30

Currently reading: can pick a new one of the pile!

Total of time read: 7 hrs 15 mins & lots of time blogging, tweeting, cheering etc. ;)
Total amount of pages read: 154 pages

Books finished: 2 books (The Following Story by Cees Nooteboom & finally caught up with Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Book read-along)
Mini-challenges participated in: 7 (none since last progress report)