Messy Monday Bento #114, 09-08-2010

Again a poor quality picture because I composed this bento last night and the days are getting shorter already — way too fast for my liking! :(
The composition was a bit messy and the food combination ultra eclectic, so those things can’t be blamed on the photo ;)
Clicking on the picture will give you a different view.

Bowl on the left: Indian takeaway leftovers: malai kofta and dal in iceberg lettuce leaves, saag paneer in cucumber ‘containers’. Gap fillers & garnish: parsley, lettuce, red berries and mini Milka chocolate.

Other bowl: leftover piece of polenta ‘pizza’ (yum!), courgette & leek grilled with garlic, and a tasty tom tomato.

On the side: more red berries, fresh mint for tea & honey as sweetener.

I bet you wish you could have had my lunch, right?! ;)

Homegrown & organic: basil.
Local & organic: both varieties of lettuce, parsley, zucchini, leek, red berries.
Organic: polenta, pesto, basil stock (for cooking polenta), margarine, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber.

WW propoints? Not a clue ;)