My 113th vegetarian bento came along to work today, on Friday the 6th of August. I probably should be glad I reached this number now instead of next week, when it’ll actually be Friday the 13th! Better not tempt fate :P

Friday, the #113th Bento (06-08-2010)

Round container: Elstar apple slices with lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon.
Rectangular container: red berries with ‘snow sugar’.
Bento tier: lettuce & basil lining, cucumber, tasty tom tomato, parsley, and root kinpira with wasabi sesame seeds.
On the side: picknicker veggie snack.

I also wanted to try out my new SnackTaxi sandwich bags, so I brought along two sunflower seed sammies: one spread with houmous & cucumber slices, the other with cheese & tomato. I was a bit apprehensive at first so it seemed the perfect test bringing such wet & greasy fillings and the bag held out great! My bread didn’t dry out neither. Wonderful! A gorgeous re-usable cloth pouch is so much more fun than plastic waste :))

SnackTaxi sandwich bag with Friday the #113th Bento (06-08-2010)

I would also love to have some green Food Kozys from Kid Konserve but none of the online shops wants to ship to The Netherlands :( Sometimes the web isn’t as grand as it seems! But don’t think me ungrateful; I’m really happy with my recent purchases :))

Organic & local: berries, lettuce, carrot, navret, fennel, parsley, cucumber, basil.
Organic: vegetarian snack.
Total ww propoints: 11.5 (including both sammies but I only ate one; the other will be turned into a grilled cheese sandwich tomorrow ;) = 8 ww propoints for lunch in the end.

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