Vegan Picnic Bento (#110)

People, you didn’t do so good on the vibes I requested, did you? ;) The weather was BAD on Sunday so our picnic was relocated indoors. We got a call beforehand informing us, so we decided to bring fresh mint for tea instead of the planned menthe á l’eau lemonade. Hey, we’re flexible! ;)

Here’s the complete contribution to our friend Ruth’s birthday lunch.

Vegan Picnic Bento #110, 25-07-2010

Details can be found in Saterday’s post, but if your memory needs instant refreshing: tortilla triangle toast, carrot dip, mushroom-cashew pate, broad bean spread, Lebanese bread and Ciappe crackers. Rosé wine (and mint tea) for drinks.

Bad Weather Bento #111

Today it was rainy again — judging by the weather you wouldn’t have guessed it’s the height of summer! But this colourful bento absolutely perked me up :)

Bad Weather Bento #111, 28-07-2010

Upper tier
Purple potato salad (purple potatoes and red onion in mustard-lemon dressing with dill and parsley), broccoli cress.

Middle tier
Atjar ketimoen (pickled cucumber & red onion), fava beans spiced up with some lemon juice, dill and… spices ;) a yellow and a ‘purple’ wild cherry tomato.

Lower tier
Some picnic leftovers: mushroom-cashewnut pate, carrot dip, minty broad bean spread and half a boiled egg on a bed of lettuce.

Round container
Summer fruit: peach and red berries.

On the side
Mint for tea and a small bag of Italian scrocchi crackers and the last tortilla triangle.

Homegrown: broccoli cress.
Organic & local: lettuce, carrots, fava beans, mint, purple potatoes, cucumber, wild cherry tomatoes, parsley, red berries.
Organic: egg, mushrooms, red onions, lemon juice.