In the past few weeks I noticed several times that I had to look up which of Haruki Murakami’s novels I have read & when — and which ones are still on my Mount TBR (To Be Read).

Our shelf of Murakami books

As you may know I plan to read all Murakami’s books that have been translated into Dutch and/or English; something I decided on soon after I had finished my first book of the master, De opwindvogelkronieken (The Wind-up Bird Chronicle) in *runs to check the year* 2004. I usually read about two works by Murakami a year. So I decided to write a list post to keep track!

As you can see all his books are huddled together on our shelf; Dutch and English together. The only one that’s still missing from our collection is Pinball, 1973. Now that it’s been reissued in Japan I hope to be able to fix that omission soon…

Below are all books listed in chronological order of the first publication date in Japan, except for those collections of short stories that have been combined especially for translation. Please let me know if you notice any errors?

NB: I first mention the title in the language that I read the book in. English titles are bold. Unfortunately my wordpress template doesn’t allow other text-colours, otherwise I could have made a more legible overview ;)

  • 1979: Hear the Wind Sing (Kaze no uta o kike)
  • 1980: Pinball, 1973 (1973-nen no pinbōru)
  • 1982: De jacht op het verloren schaap (Hitsuji o meguru bōken / A Wild Sheep Chase)
    ✔ read in 2008 (my thoughts in Dutch)
  • 1985: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Sekai no owari to hādoboirudo wandārando / Hard-boiled Wonderland en het einde van de wereld)
  • 1987: Norwegian Wood (Noruwei no mori / Norwegian Wood)
    ✔ Dutch translation read in 2007
  • 1988: Dance Dance Dance (Dansu dansu dansu / Dans, dans, dans)
    ✔ read in 2009
  • 1992: Ten zuiden van de grens, ten westen van de zon (Kokkyō no minami, taiyō no nishi / South of the Border, West of the Sun)
    ✔ read in 2009
  • 1993: The Elephant Vanishes (short stories from 1983-1990; De olifant verdwijnt)
  • 1995: De opwindvogelkronieken (Nejimaki-dori kuronikuru / The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle)
    ✔ read in 2004
  • 1997-1998: Underground (Andāguraundo / Underground)
  • 1999: Spoetnikliefde (Supūtoniku no koibito / Sputnik Sweetheart)
    ✔ read in 2004
  • 2000: after the quake (Kami no kodomo-tachi wa mina odoru / Na de aardbeving)
    ✔ read in 2008
  • 2002: Kafka on the Shore (Umibe no Kafuka / Kafka op het strand)
    ✔ read in 2005
  • 2003: Een stoomfluit midden in de nacht (Yonaka no kiteki ni tsuite)
    ✔ read in 2007 and 2010 (my review)
  • 2004: After Dark (Afutā Dāku / After Dark)
    ✔ English translation read in 2006
  • 2006: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (short stories from 1981-2005; Blinde wilg, slapende vrouw)
    ✔ read in 2010 (my buddy review with Elsje)
  • 2007: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Hashiru koto ni tsuite kataru toki ni boku no kataru koto / Waarover ik praat als ik over hardlopen praat)
  • 2009: 1Q84 (1Q84 Ichi-kyū-hachi-yon)

So, up until May 2010 I’ve read 11 of 17 of Murakami’s publications that have been translated!

Summarizing the books by reading year:

2004 The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle / Sputnik Sweetheart / After the Quake
2005 Kafka on the Shore
2006 After Dark
2007 Norwegian Wood / Een stoomfluit midden in de nacht
2008 A Wild Sheep Chase / After the Quake (reread)
2009 South of the Border, West of the Sun / Dance dance dance
2010 Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman / Een stoomfluit midden in de nacht (reread)