Tricolore Bento #99

I had planned to bake some more of those yummy poppy seed scones yesterday because I need to finish off the bottle of buttermilk, but unfortunately I was ill — yes indeed, on the most beautiful day of the week :( So bento #99 turned out a bit different than imagined.

There seems to be a ‘tricolore’ theme going on… Not that there are really just three colours in this bento ;) I always try to stick with the minimum rule of five. But red, green and (yellowish) white appear to have the upper hand.

Upper tier:

  • tricolore pasta salad mixed with pesto, fresh herbs and a tiny bit of ground parmesan cheese, on a bed of Romaine lettuce and topped with basil
  • spicy red lentils with chickpeas, sweet red bell pepper and zucchini
  • goat milk cheese balls coated in ground black pepper and fresh herbs (parsley, basil and chives)
  • radishes (hiding)

Lower tier:

  • homemade cherry tomato sauce with extra fresh basil (recipe on Graasland), to mix with pasta
  • radish
  • half a banana in switchback cut
  • spekkoek stars

On the side:

  • fruit salad made of half an apple with lemon juice, cinnamon, walnuts and grated coconut

As a child of a parent born in Indonesia, I have always been addicted to spekkoek, a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake. I have used it in bentos before, but I hadn’t thought of using my star-shaped cookie cutters for it! When I saw how pretty that looked in one of Iris’ bentos, I knew I had to do it too next time.

Baking spekkoek is a precise and time-consuming job, but I hope to do it once before I die ;)

Organic: lentils, garbanzos, pasta, pesto, banana (FairTrade)