Bento #94This is not a great picture of bento #94, I knoooow :(

Good thing that the days are getting longer again, because I really need some natural light for my bento pics. I heard that people in the US have already put their clocks back! Here in Europe we have to wait until the last weekend of the month. It will be great to have longer evenings!

You can click on the picture for a better view but here’s what’s in the containers (clockwise):

  • salad of tomatoes, mixed lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, mixed nuts and something we call ‘silver onions’, which are actually tiny pickled white onions
  • cherry tomatoes and radishes (hiding)
  • yellow and blue corn chips
  • homemade salsa picante and avocado dip
  • sweets: koala strawberry cookies and mini Milka chocolats
  • fresh pineapple

The sweets need a special mention today! Elm@ (whom I’ve mentioned before) was so kind to give me two bags of bento foodies for inspiration! I procrastinated their unpacking because the present looked cute as it was :) See for yourself!

Bento goodies I got from elm@