Well… after bento #92 I had even less in my fridge and cupboards, but viris’ lunch inspired me to make a chickpea salad to take on the walk I had planned for Wednesday: Amerongse Berg. Like bento-ing, hiking has been kind of slow. Again, there are many excuses that you really don’t want to hear ;)

I have a lot of exercising to do this month, will I be able to accomplish my 100 Mile Fitness Challenge before April 1st: right now I’m at 102 kilometers = 63 miles. So I’m glad I made a new start yesterday, even though I had to opt for a shortcut because I wasn’t feeling too well. I still had a really great time! The weather was great: cold, but sunny all day long. You should have heard those birds sing… Wow. Spring is really coming!

So what exactly did I put into bento #93?

Bento #93, 10 March 2010

Top tier: carrot, walnuts, mini smarties, gingerbread with honey and crackers.

Lower tier: oyster mushrooms baked with garlic, traditionally cut gherkin, salad of garbanzos, tomato (fresh and sundried), spring onion, a few green beans and a tiny bit of fenugreek cheese, lemon juice, olive oil extra vierge with Tuscan herbs, black pepper, African Peper Mix spices, dried basil and chives. Topped with two fenugreek cheese flowers.

On the side (not shown): plain tab water and apple juice.

The spot next to Amerongen Castle where I had planned to eat my lunch, turned out to be way too drafty in this cold weather because the bench is set on a dike overlooking the polder (as you can see in my photo set on Flickr). So after a few bites I packed up my bento again en went along. Unfortunately the park service had decided to prune trees on this nice day and access to a particular part of the trail that I had looked forward to was prohibited, so I took a short detour. Anyway, here’s where I finally did enjoy my bento, sitting quietly on a sunny bench… :)

View from lunch spot on Amerongse Berg hike

Organic: carrot, walnut, honey, garlic, chickpeas.