Next weekend some grrls are coming over to watch In Cold Blood (as I’ve mentioned in my review of the book). Elm@ is coming too… so I knew I’d be in trouble if I still hadn’t made any bento by then! 2010 hasn’t been just slow on the lunchbox front, it’s been Dead Quiet :\ And yes, I hate that! I’ve got my reasons but instead of boring you to death with those, I present to you: bento #92!

Bento #92, 9 March 2010

I’m a bit embarrassed because it isn’t looking very special but hey, I am so HAPPY at the same time that I’ve made the first step to get into the swing of things again! I just wanted to share it ;) I made do with the few things I found in my fridge and cupboards.

Upper left corner: lemon juice to pimp a glass of tab water.

Lower tier (left): boiled egg and potato-mustard salad with gherkin, garden peas, carrot, red onion and a dressing of garlic-Dijon mustard, yoghurt, salt and pepper. Endive underneath.

Upper tier (right): heart candy, spring onion crackers, dried cranberries (not really visible) and cashews with Herbes de Provence.

Dessert: cream yoghurt with Spanish oranges (prefab, just added a bit of plain yoghurt to make it less sweet).

Organic: egg, potato, onion, cranberries, plain yoghurt.