Hello Japan! definitely got me swinging into 2010. January’s topic was ‘Music to my ears’. And because I found it hard to decide on just one musical subject I tried to entertain you with some ‘Music Lessons’ on Fridays. I wish I’d called them music sessions though ;)

You’ve heard several genres:

Now what’s missing? Next to popular artists Ken Ishii, Cornelius, Puffy, Hideki Kaji etc. (for those of you who want to learn more about Japanese pop music, check out Nippop), I would have loved to find out more about gagaku; traditional Japanese court music that has been an inspiration to many musicians like Ishii and Takemitsu. Well, something to wish for the future. And without a post about that ancient, 100% Japanese music, there’s a recurring aspect you might have noticed in the past lessons… There was always some connection with other nations, either western or Asian. What can I say? I’m a world citizen ;)

[4’10” David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto]

I really had an awesome JAPANUARY!
I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did?