I’m cheering myself on because for the 3rd (half a) day of Bloggiesta I hope to get more done than I did yesterday. I’m relieved that I did finish my review of The Grapes of Wrath — I just need to check it once more and then it will be scheduled as a future post. I’ve kept track of the time it took to write and I will do the same for the next few reviews. If I know how much time they actually cost me, I hope to be able to feel more resigned about book evaluations.

You see, Shanra from Libri Touches was right in her comment on yesterday’s post: first I need to look at what is — or feels — wrong with my current review system. It is not that I don’t know what to say about my reads, I want to share too much! For now I have decided I must prioritize: cut back on reading challenges so that I only have a few reviews to write on ‘demand’. *denouncing challenges right away* That’s a start on my main blogging goal for 2010 to more efficient book blogging (with which I participated in The Booklady’s Blog mini-challenge).

As you may have gathered from the above, I really don’t need to do Jenn’s mini-challenge thinking of 10 future posts. My problem is that I have too many drafts lined up… But I might post a list later today, trying to prioritize them by popular demand ;) LOL

Another tip I might check out after the Bloggiesta is Kristen’s: The Bloggie Cult, a blogger mentoring program and forum.

But a mini-challenge I did join yesterday was checking for dead links on instigation of Karin’s Book Nook: zero found! The funny thing is that I got a ‘page not found’ on the problogger article at first. ROFLOL But it was just a bad internet connection. Baaaaad internet connection!

Today I’ll be alternating between making a ‘Gnoegle’ button leading to my Google Map of Bookcrossing releases and writing (at least) one other post out of my collection of (often very basic) drafts. It will probably be one of the following:

  • last Friday’s Hello Japan! Music Lesson about Ryuichi Sakamoto,
  • my top-3 of favourite vegetarian restaurants in Funchal (Madeira) in Beth Fish’s Weekend Cooking meme,
  • a wrap-up post on one of my 2009’s reading challenges.
  • Oh, ánd a short Sunday Salon of course ;)

But I’m going to start with cleaning up my sidebar — get rid of those OLD challenge buttons. I am denouncing reading challenges, remember?