A bit later than planned, but yes, I’ve started my first Bloggiesta! I’ve been looking at the challenges of the previous bloggiesta and actually carried out one of them already: I’ve analyzed my weblog in Website Grader, which was recommended by Bookish Ruth.

And I’ve scored a 89% (out of 100)! I think I’ve passed the test, don’t you? Especially since it’s about marketing for businesses — and there are some things in WordPress I can’t control. If you’re wondering what the percentage actually stands for, here’s what the report says:

of the millions of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 89% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness


I’ve picked two more out of the previous challenges that I might actually do. But I shouldn’t get sidetracked, first I need to cross off some items of my to-do list that I compiled during the week. I’m not going to share it here, because I like surprises ;) And I don’t need the stress of people breathing down my neck either LOL. But I mean to diminish my backlog (among which book reviews and challenge wrap-up posts), clean up some old posts, make an index page, a button for my Bookcrossing Releases Google Map etc.

Haven’t you heard about Bloggiesta yet? It’s a weekend of getting our acts together on our blogs… Check out the details at Maw Books Blog and join! Yes, there’s still time ;)

Now let the party begin! It’s good that I have some of those blue nacho chips and homemade salsa picante left over from last night’s dinner! :)