Just another 6 miles to go before January 1st and I will have accomplished my 100 Mile Fitness Challenge! I started on October 20th and got 94 miles / 150 kilometers done within two months so it must be easy peasy getting there in time.

Last Tuesday I went on another 15.5 km solo-walk, from Terschuur to Amersfoort. It is called Barneveldse Beek, after the stream that runs along the track for about 2 km. I liked that part but overall this isn’t a hike I would recommend: I had to pass a lot of motorways as well :\ Thankfully it was a quiet day, but it will probably be horrible on Saturday or at rush hour.

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS — cold, frosty and sunny! That made it a hike to remember after all. Look at some pictures if you don’t believe me ;)

Dutch windmill

I came by some kawaii donkeys (aren’t they the cutest animals?) and I even saw a Kingfisher — of course that one was too quick to photograph. So I had a nice winter walk this week, even though it is still officially autumn ;)

Something really bad has to happen to prevent me from accomplishing the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge in time! Oops, better touch some wood — no need to tempt the gods :\