Bento #90 is just a small one, but full of earhtly goodies! Let’s call it a vote of confidence in the climate conference that is being held in Kopenhagen these days… Okay? :\

Earth bento #90It contains oven roasted root vegetables (onion, potato, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip & celeriac) on a bed of corn salad, accompanied by a specially cut gherkin and crowned by a goat’s cheese star. Stewed pears on the side.

Except for the gherkin everything is organic. I guess I could have made the traditional Japanese Switchback Cut a bit sharper (and it looks better on veggies with a discernible skin anyway), but hey I am proud of it! :)

So don’t say that you don’t know what I’m talking about — just look closer! ;)

Except for the cheese and gherkin all ingredients are organic & local.