Remember last time when I thought I had some frozen edamame left but I didn’t? Well… I did too :\ Silly me. In the picture they’re still frozen but this morning after cooking I seasoned them with some African Peper spice mix (no typo), together with the corn cob. There’s not much corn left, so don’t get bored yet!

Only half a bento today because yesterday I came home late from a trip to Rotterdam, where I visited an exhibition about ‘Edward Hopper in his time’ and had a great dinner at Bazar. Have you ever heard of a dish called koekoe? I hadn’t, but it was delicious! It seemed to be sort of a potato soufflé. Maybe I can add some links and/or pictures to this post in the weekend, because now I need to hurry up and get to bed.

Half-a-Bento #84

So what was accompanying the edamame beans? Clockwise: marinated olives, a head of corn salad, rice crackers, smoked almonds, corn cob (ah, I already mentioned that didn’t I), dried strawberries and houmous. All centered around a sheep’s cheese sheep.

On the side I brought an apple and two sandwiches because a grrl can’t go hungry!

Alas, no bento on Friday: it was either updating my posts or making a bento. Not an easy decision but one I had to make ;)