Cover I Am A CatFor the last few hours (especially after my dinner break) I’ve done better at concentrating on my reading. Thankfully, because my current book has some small print and I really wanted to get going with it because it’s a read-along project and part 1 should be finished before November 15th. But I am going to stop with I am a cat for now, because I am getting a bit tired. And lonely…

Mr Gnoe has gone to bed, the house is getting colder, so this is a crucial moment! Am I going to read one of those graphic novels I’ve been longing for the past couple of weeks? Somehow I don’t feel like it now :\ Fatigue setting in ;)

After my progress report I’m going for Nicole’s Feed Me Seymour! mini-challenge to keep me awake! I really love The Little Shop of Horrors, the film she’s referring to, and am going to put on the cd right now. Oh, and pour myself a glass of port :)

Status report

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Currently reading: I am a cat, by Natsume Soseki (arrived at page 50)

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Time read: 2 hrs 45 mins
Amount of pages: 50 pages
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Hours read: 4:50
Pages read: 133
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