This first bento of the month should definitely make up for my bento-less last week!

Two years ago we went to Cappadocia, Turkey in October and had an amazing time. This bento contains some leftovers of Turkish take-away (dôh not that old of course). YUM! Unfortunately I don’t know the correct names for these mezze dishes, but I will try to add them later on.

Upper tier:
Hot pepperspread, eggplant spread (I don’t think it was baba ghanoush), summer couscous salad with watercress leaf, blue grapes, fishy with dressing, sundried tomato.

Lower tier:
Bean salad with paprika and onion, choggia beet stars, snow peas, dill and red batavia lettuce.

On the side:
Organic butterfly biscuit, mandarin (and I also took an apple and some toast for the vegetable spreads).

Last time I got some choggia in our weekly veggiebag I cooked it like ordinary beet, but then it became a homogeneous red. Now I kept it raw to preserve the beautiful pink and white pattern ;) When cooked for just a minute or so the pattern stays alive as well, but not as fresh as it is now. Someday I’ll try steaming it!

BTW a tip for Dutch people who would like to try more organic g/foods: until November 7th you can collect EKO-marks of products and swap them for fun fair trade and environmentally friendly Goodforall products!

CSA & organic: grapes, beet, lettuce, dill
Organic: watercress, biscuit