Hirokazu Kore-eda is one of my favourite film directors. I discovered him around 1998-1999 when I saw Afterlife, or: Wandaafuru Raifu in Japanese (‘Wonderful Life’).

The movie is about a place in between life and the afterlife. Once you’ve departed and arrived here, you are being guided in choosing one memory to take with you to heaven (on film). You will forget everything else. Not easy, eh?

This wonderful story made us reminisce for hours afterwards. I love(d) it!

And so does music composer Michel van der Aa, it seems. In 2006 he made an opera based on the movie (libretto by Kore-eda) and it became a big international success. Now, with some adaptations, After Life the opera will premiere again next Monday! It will play for a short week in Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam. And… you could be there! After that it will go on a world tour again.

So, would you like to go see it? I have 2 tickets available for Monday’s premiere as a giveaway!!! To enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post.* You’ll have to do so before next Sunday, September 27th at 21:00 Amsterdam time. Then random.org will pick a winner!

Good luck!

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