Today’s bento was made of several leftovers from the weekend: lentil salad of lentilles de Puy that we bought in France when we visited Puy-en-Velay, ‘Moors & Christians‘ (Moros y Cristianos) and a baked veggie mix with gherkins. Cups topped with parsley or fennel leaves. Next to it I put some radish and (invisible) dried cranberries for sweetness.

The corn cob is coated with lemon infused extra vierge oil, which I like a lot, as you may have read in my recent post about cute olive oil bottles :) At the moment the picture was taken it was still frozen, but this morning I cut it in half to fit my bento box. Next to it are more radish flowers, parsley, yellow cherry tomatoes and a dressing, all on a bed of Roman lettuce. On the side I brought some fresh fruit… What do you think: is my apple small or the plum big??? :-o

You may or may not have noticed: bento #74 was completely vegan. And it was delicious!