This looks like a confused bento to me: am I a bento or am I nobento?

Friday morning I was in a major hurry to get to work so my bento got done only halfway. There was no time for a picture either — and I almost forgot to take a photo when I started lunch! Thankfully I remembered to do so after I only had eaten my rye bread with cheese that had been lying in the middle of the lower tier (hence the gap). I ate the sandwich with cherry tomatoes, parsley, basil, salt & pepper (almost all in the lower tier as well).

The upper tier WAS GREAT! Leftover nasi goreng, sambal goreng with beans & tofu and a gherkin, all on a bed of lettuce. If I had had more time I would have given this tier a ‘red touch’ on top, like a slice of red pepper or a tomato star.

Did you notice btw: now you can all see how a bento looks once it has travelled to the office by bike-train-bike. Not too bad, does it? ;)

On the side I also had a summer apple and kiwi fruit.

So… bento #73 might not look much, but you missed out on something anyway ;)

Now I need to go cook… We’re having lentil salad of Lentilles de Puy (that really came all the way from Puy en Valley in France) — I think I’ll save some for my bento #74! :)) To be continued…