I guess all bento-ers have future plans for foodies to put in their bento. I know I do ;) As a reminder to myself — but also to inspire other people — I’ll be posting them as Bento musings: what to pack ’n stash.

I do try to be original: recipes by others will be linked. And of course suggestions are always welcome! :)

pudding supplies

So here’s my first ‘note to self’: next time I am going to cook semolina pudding, I plan to make a few small ones in my mini muffin mould. Seems like a great thing to put in my bento! Especially when I add a container of raspberry sauce… *drewl* :P

Or maybe I’ll be making custard pudding first, you never know ;)

Is there anybody clever out there who can tell me if these desserts can be freezed??? :-o