I heard about Postcrossing on the Dutch Bookcrossing forum a long time ago, but hadn’t taken much notice. Then she told me about it last weekend when we had our final Twin Peaks marathon… Very enthusiastically! And from today I am officially a Postcrossing member :) This week I will send a postcard to another postcrosser in Finland. She likes to receive cards of buildings :) Well, I like historic stuff, so hopefully this a good one to send.

De Winkel<br />             van Sinkel in 1890 by you.

The building on the card still exists. It used to be a department store called Winkel van Sinkel and now it’s a grand café and night club under the same name. Each September it also houses the yearly Dutch Film Festival. Wikipedia will show you how the building with its caryatids looks today.

The picture on the postcard is from 1890 by a unknown photographer. It is viewed from our public library. I will try to make a picture from exactly the same spot, because I am really charmed by the idea of rephotography as is done by Mark Klett and people from the Tyrrell Today Flickr pool that make new pictures that look like the images from the Tyrrell Collection of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. See this great post and you’ll probably be as amazed as I am :) (Seb Chan of the Powerhouse Museum digital media and museums blog gave an inspiring talk on the Museum Congres in Groningen as well!) And all this is getting crazier by the minute: did you know there even is a Twin Peaks rephotography project? :)