Last week my brother and I walked our tenth part of the Utrecht Path, from Amersfoort to the north of Baarn (14.6 kilometers – first time I’ve used our gps LOL). It was quite cold and we didn’t meet any fellow hikers, although it was nice walking weather anyway. People were probably put off because there wasn’t any sun, like the days before that. We enjoyed the real Dutch landscape too, which was mostly polder land.

We calculated that we have just four more walks to go and then our Utrecht Path project will be finished! It’s been such a success that we decided to find a follow-up hiking project. We will probably choose the ‘Groene Hart Pad‘ (192 km, that’s thirty more than our Utrecht Path), because it’s another ‘circle walk’ and it leads us through the area that we grew up in. We’re a nostalgic pair ;)