I wanted to post tomorrow’s bento (#28) but something went wrong with the pictures I took :( Good thing I’ll have another chance in the morning ;) So of this weeks bento’s first Monday’s bento: #26!

Bento #26

Me adding some seedless grapes on the side ;)

Left tier: some leftover nan bread filled with vegetables, a cherry tomato-herb cheese-caper skewer, purple baby bell cut in half, and Genovese nibbles.

Right tier: cukes, potato salad with bell pepper worm, gherkin wrapped in vegetarian shiitake filet, container with leftover saag paneer (just one piece of cheese left in the spinach) and Malai kufta sauce (the balls were all eaten but you can’t just throw away the sauce because it is delicious!), both to be eaten with the bread and cucumber.

It was really yummy!

Next: Tuesdays bento (#27). It unexpectedly became a work-at-home-bento.

Bento #27

Right tier: some plain nan bread, garden cress, orange cherry tomatoes, cukes again and more of the yummy Malai kufta sauce (cherry tomato in the middle).

Left tier: crackers, cukes with carrot hiding underneath, Boursin garlic cream cheese for the crackers, parsley, corn cob (still frozen) and Laughing cow’s cheese wedge underneath.

On the side some colourful smarties, an apple and an orange.