Today I had another bento anniversary: number 25. I had meant to make it something special (a themed bento – I even did look for some silver candy!), but I ended up just having some extra special food :)

nummer 25!

On top: potatoe salad and garden cress, cupcake and (just visible) laughing cow cheese.
Right tier: Japanese party people (rice cracker puppets ;) corn cob, cherry tomato, emmenthal cheese stars (made with my new star cutter), balsamic vinegar dressing for the spinach salad, roasted almonds, cream cheese, spinach and roquefort mini quiche wedge in aluminum foil and another star on top, ‘griotten‘ (licorice sweets).
On the side: spinach salad and red grapefruit.

Now I have another 25 bento’s to go until my next jubilee bento. Phew! :)