Today I only took one sandwich to work and ate my bento at about twelve. Did it work? Well, I got hungry again at three and took some cup-a-soup. Then I had to work a little longer than usual and had only my mini bounty left… I should have brought something more substantial for around four o’clock! But at least it doesn’t feel like cheating anymore now that my bento is a real lunch bento in stead of a snack bento… ;)

Bento 24

Top: corn cob, soaked sun-dried tomatoes, a simple dressing of lemon juice, Tuscan olive oil, honey, sea salt and pepper in a small container, salad of romaine, rucola, fresh basil leaves and Romanesque broccoli cauliflower (shortly steamed); carrot and gherkin chopped with my new wave-cut tool.

Bottom: cherry tomatoes (with some more sun-dried tomatoes and romanesco), mix of roasted nuts for the salad in an little zip-lock bag, midget bounty, mini crackers and skewers with Boursin balls.

Extra: musk-melon and yogurt (not shown).

Please pay special attention to my new yellow spoon :) I didn’t have a chance yet to use my new star cutters but I hope I will be able to with bento #25! I still have to think of something special…