Japanese picture in stead of bento #19As the art of bento is quite a visual thing you could argue that a bento that’s not immortalized by camera is no bento at all But if it’s a lunch in bentobox I consider it a bento :) Even though bento #19 was thrown together in a hurry because I was so busy at work and didn’t have much time! I really am proud that I even managed to make a bento! And look at the bright side: its being the first (and up untill now still the only) bento without a picture, makes it a special bento in it’s own way ;)

Bento #19 came to work on August 30th. It contained: some greens with blue cheese dressing as a dip (cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, carrot, red bell pepper), mix of alfafa, leek sprouts and some other red sprouts that I don’t know the name of, a purple babybel and some red dried melon seeds

I had bought those melon seeds in an Asian wholesale house, thinking you could easily break them between your teeth and eat the insides… (like kwatji, the salted melon seeds I know). NOT! They are too hard to break and finally break apart in many, many pieces. Roasting them doesn’t help either… I hope someone knows a solution, otherwise I will have to go and feed them to some rabbits (not really: I’ll just throw them away)!