Hooray, my food picks from Japan arrived yesterday! They are much smaller than I thought: about 3 cm high, but that’s okay since the bamboo picks I already own are quite big.

I really love these new ones and would like to keep them wrapped and on display ;) But using them in my bento is even better :) I am thinking about a mexican themed bento with tortilla wrap, so that will be perfect! If I have the time, that is…

Which one do you like best? Usagi (bunny)? Neko (cat)? Sakura (cherry blossom)? Yuki (snow)? Kōri (ice)? I can’t decide: I think they’re all kawaii!

I got these colourful picks on eBay from Tokyo Gift, where I also bought my (first) bento box. They wrap their parcels in beautiful paper! Cool origata!