Today’s bento may look a bit dull (and messy) but thankfully it still tasted great ;)

Bento 9

Top tier: rucola salad with cherry tomatoes, garden cress and cukes cut in weird wheels, next to broad beans.

Bottom tier: small wedge of spinach-cheesecake, La vache qui rit cheese wedge, container with pesto dressing for the salad, cheese crackers, roasted almonds and some more of the organic wheat, peanut, lentil and chickpea nibbles. Maybe I should have put those together with the almonds or at least have another divider, but I like to keep them for a while after I have finished my bento (and eat them in the train home). The tiny bag comes in handy then ;)

Scoop! On the side I had some blueberries – had never eaten them before in my life! What bento-ing can do for you ;)

I see I have to figure out how to keep the camera flash from reflecting too much in my food :( Some day I will all get it right LOL.

Next bento has to be a special one, since it will be bento #10!

And now, for something completely different… I am reading this really beautiful book by Kazuo Ishiguro: Never let me go. It’s an absolute must-read for all you booklovers out there! It was nominated for the 2005 Man Booker Prize. I really can’t understand why it lost from John Banville’s The Sea. Can you???