Today’s bento (only my sixth bento ever) was completely Japanese! Please look at it in Bento Lunches (with additional info) or at my Flickr page.

It was no effort at all thanks to yesterday’s Japanese cooking marathon ;)

Japanese cooking spree
Sushi rolls with avocado, cucumber and red bell pepper (avocadomaki), sushi rolls (kappamaki) with cucumber, scallions and Japanese omelet plus shredded daikon for toppings, tofu puffs (inari-sushi) with minced carrot and black sesame seeds, edamame (yes!!!), tamago-nigiri (sushi rice topped with Japanese omelet) and a sauce of dashi, soy sauce, mirin and shredded daikon. The pickled ginger and wakame salad (seaweed with sesame) were the only dishes that came from the shop.

We drank some plum wine (and plain water) with it.

You might also want to see the lovely red miso soup with shiitake that we had for starters..? *grin*

table set with Japanese starter course